Hats and Such

I was a Victorian lady last weekend ^-^

A friend had thrown a birthday party for his teenage daughter. The theme was 'Garden Party'. A quick google confirmed that this kind of theme would entail hats. I have always liked wearing hats. Or caps, for that matter. If it is socially acceptable in my culture to wear hats around the clock, I would gladly do so. But, nah. I get to wear a hat only when the occasion arises. 
I had not bought a hat for a long time. So naturally I had to find one, to suit the 'Garden Party' theme. Went to Mid Val but the hats there were so expensive! I was reluctant to buy because of the probability that I would only wear it once. Victorian-style hats are occasion-specific, I think. 
How I ended up with a nice hat, at the last minute, at a very cheap price, was funny! I had walked into a shop at my housing area because I thought I'd look for a flower hair clip or hair band to wear to the party. Then I saw this very nice, dainty-looking hat. I reached for it and saw the price tag. RM16.90!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! The same-looking hat would cost me RM89.90 at Mid Val! I quickly dashed to the cashier and paid for it, thanking divine providence for such a blessing! And this happened two hours before I was supposed to leave for the party! 

How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about. ~ Philip Treacy


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