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Giving Up

The day she had dreaded for so long had come. She had postponed it so many times, thinking she wouldn't be able to handle it. The signs were there. Too obvious to ignore. There was the silence. The coldness. He couldn't be bothered with whatever she did any more. There was no communication. Her texts were often greeted with clipped, emotionless responses. And when they went out, no more long, meaningful conversations like they used to have and more often than not he was in a hurry to get home. Sometimes she even felt like he was just dragging his feet to go out with her. Still, she persevered. She wasn't about to let go of a relationship that had meant something to her for the past five years. Perhaps she was delusional, thinking and expecting things to get better. Living in past memories more than the present. The signs that the relationship was coming to an end were all there but she chose to ignore them, and shoved everything into the back of her head, thinking she wou…