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2012: Second, Third and Fourth-Quarter

This post came late, I know. A lot of things got the best of me, especially my thesis. But I reckon before 2012 draws its final curtain, I'd better recap some of the major things that had occurred. A bit of retrospection would be good for the soul. So, in no particular order:  
1. Diet, Loss
As I'd mentioned earlier on this year, I had gone on a diet to lose weight; reinforced by sessions of working out at the gym. I managed to lose around 10 kgs by the middle of the year. Most people I know had remarked on the change. I was happy that I could now fit into my kebaya(s) again. That I could now fit into a size 28 jeans. A size M top. A size M pants. I still carry on with the diet, not with the aim to lose any more weight, but to maintain it. I try to eat healthily,  with portion control. Of course, this diet is botched whenever I go out, meet up with friends, travel or balik kampong, but I try to make up for these immediately.  If I want, I could try to get back the weight that …

Lie To Me

If you don't like it
Lie to me
Just let me bask
In my own serendipity.

If you don't like it
Lie to me
And let me ponder not
The thought and labour
Wasted on it.