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Bundle of Joy

Babies are the best gifts God can give us and I am thankful to God my family received one recently. On 9 May 2013, my sister Wani gave birth to a baby boy. I was overjoyed! I think if my Dad had been around  he would have been overjoyed, too. Yes, in my family, except for my late Dad, we are all girls. There's my mom, me and my two sisters. It must have been very lonely for my Dad, to be the only guy in the family *chuckle*.
When my sister Awin gave birth to her first (and only) child, it was a girl. My Dad was around at that time. I don't know whether he was disappointed or not. I guess deep in his heart he regretted the fact that he didn't have a little guy of his own. He had more or less mentioned it to me, albeit in a joking manner. But when Arina arrived, he became a doting grandfather instantly. She became the apple of his eye. When my sis Wani got married, my Dad was no longer around. Two years after she got married, she gave birth to my niece Qaleesha. When she went…

Election Afterthoughts

Finally the general election is over. For politicians and analysts, the work of number crunching, deciphering the results and trying to understand the choices made by voters is just beginning. ~ Lim Teck Ghee

General election came again, after 5 years. I did my duty as a citizen. I must admit I was extra excited this time around. All the events, propaganda, bickering  and drama leading to GE13 were really entertaining, as well as enlightening. As the norm whenever the GE was around the corner. Only this time, it was more intense and I don't think this intensity could ever be matched by previous GEs. The Opp really laid their cards on the table, backed by alternative media that are abundant on the Net. They were really becoming increasingly popular and convincing.  When I was younger I couldn't really be bothered with politics. But after doing a lot of readings for the past few years, mainly those that revolve around politics and the environment, I could see how politics govern…