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My Darling, You...!

Muse finally got a place that he could call his own. But the moving-in took quite some time due to some complications regarding the transfer of grant. So he asked whether I wanted to take care of his cat. I was honoured, and teased him, "Is there anyone else that would?" (thinking, because if there is anyone else, I want to know who he or she is, and why do you trust this person so much?). He didn't see the funny side of this unfortunately. Gosh. I had to reassure him that he got to have some faith in me and to never, ever doubt me. Double gosh. 
So the cat was handed over to me. I really, really, really didn't think I would bond with it. Not like I bonded with Izzy, my deceased cat. It cowered every time I got near it and went hiding in unlikely corners of the house for hours, coming out only to eat and shit. And when I tried to touch it, it would give me that 'I-don't-trust-you-bitch' kinda look. Like this:

It broke my heart so much at first.

So this h…