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Piggy Banks

Why do we put money into piggy banks? The reasons are varied but for me, it is a way of rewarding myself. I don't remember having a piggy bank when I was a child. Back then, I only got money for my school expenses, given by my Mom on a daily basis. The money that I got was only enough to get a decent meal during recess, so I didn't have extra money to put into a piggy bank. I watched with envy every time my Dad put some money into his piggy bank. He would put those small change that he got into his piggy bank, which was made of clay, a replica of a rooster. His reason was obscure to me, but come to think of it, maybe men just do not like carrying coins in their wallets. Or pockets, for that matter. The only time I would get lots of money was during Hari Raya. I would get some money from my family, uncles and aunties, but that would disappear fast as it would be used to buy whatever I needed. Yup, money was not easy for me to get back then. This is why when I entered university, …

Hats and Such

I was a Victorian lady last weekend ^-^

A friend had thrown a birthday party for his teenage daughter. The theme was 'Garden Party'. A quick google confirmed that this kind of theme would entail hats. I have always liked wearing hats. Or caps, for that matter. If it is socially acceptable in my culture to wear hats around the clock, I would gladly do so. But, nah. I get to wear a hat only when the occasion arises.  I had not bought a hat for a long time. So naturally I had to find one, to suit the 'Garden Party' theme. Went to Mid Val but the hats there were so expensive! I was reluctant to buy because of the probability that I would only wear it once. Victorian-style hats are occasion-specific, I think.  How I ended up with a nice hat, at the last minute, at a very cheap price, was funny! I had walked into a shop at my housing area because I thought I'd look for a flower hair clip or hair band to wear to the party. Then I saw this very nice, dainty-looking hat. I rea…

Rakish Inc. III

Times have changed. And so has my wall of Rakish Inc.! Hehe. Well, some men are simply God's gifts to humanity! 

1. Luke Evans

Never has there been a sexier Dracula! 
2. Mads Mikkelsen

Some men are like wine. They get better with age. And a royal affair! 
3. James Franco

I like funny men! 
4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Not a football fan but this guy sure makes football a lot sexier! 
5. Ebizo Ichikawa XI

A samurai as rakish as this? Why not? 

A man's face is his autobiography. ~ Oscar Wilde

2014, Recapped

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

I have been very INACTIVE here. The reasons are many. I felt like I had nothing much to write. I was too preoccupied with work. I was lazy. I was too pissed-off with *_*  who must have thought it would be cool to be able to read (literally) my mind but then couldn't handle whatever shit that was written here. My mind is my essence. My mind is also the vortex of my inner chaos, which needs to be de-cluttered when the need arises. I don't need a man who gets easily offended  (and intimidated) by every single thing that I write, anyway. But now that he's no longer in my life, I can write whatever I want here. Not that I haven't been writing whatever I want. Hence this post.
I hope to write more here in 2015. Haha. We'll see. This is not a resolution but I kinda have this vision that one day, when I am really, really, really old, I'm gonna  print every damn entry in m…